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Fastest to score 3000 Test runs as captain 

Indian captain Virat kohli scored his 3rd consecutive hundred in the test series against Srilanka . This was his Fastest test hundred which comes in just 110 balls.

Virat kohli is the Fastest Indian Captain to reach the 3000 run mark . He reached the mark in just 50 Innings and 32 matches .

Let’s look at Top 5 Fastest Captains to score 3000 test runs 

5. Virat kohli 

Virat kohli is fifth in the list . Virat kohli reached the mark in his 50th Innings as Captain . He smashed 13 test 100s as Captains .

4. Steve Smith 

The current no.1 test batsman Steve smith took 49 innings to score 3000 test runs as captain . He smashed 13 hundred as captain for Australia .

3. Graham Gooch 

The former english captain Graham Gooch reached the 3000 runs mark in 49 innings and 27 matches .

2. Mahila Jayawardene 

Srilankan Legend Mahila Jayawardene is second in the list . The former srilankan captain took 48 innings to score 3000 test runs as captain .

1 . Sir Don Bradman 

Sir Don Bradman is top in the list . The Australian legend reached the 3000 runs mark in just 37 innings .